What can a Handyman Do?

What can a handyman do?

Well, firstly, it's important to recognize what a handyman isn't. They do not take place of licensed professionals like an electrician or plumber for example. But, they can do many things related to these trades and more. They can install a fixture such as a fan or a light and can connect the electrical wires to make it work. They can install a garbage disposal and complete simple plumbing that is related to that kind of project.

A handyman is considered a generalist rather than focusing on one specific area of expertise. They are considered to do "small jobs" in and outside of the home. Following is a list of things that one might call a handyman for. Keep in mind that though this list is extensive, it does not include everything. Always call the handyman first and check to see if they can do the project you need to be completed.

Small or larger carpentry projects. Fixing a squeaky chair or building a deck or patio.

Casing- enclosing a frame around a door or window.

Ceramic tile repair - in all rooms, bath, bedroom, laundry etcetera.

Chair rail, staircase railings, and banisters.

Remodeling a closet in bathroom, bedroom, linen to name a few.

Installing countertops or demolition work in a kitchen.

Install crown molding in kitchen, bath, along ceiling lines.

Door installation

Painting of any kind either interior or exterior

Drywall installation or repair in all areas of the home.

Light electrical work such as installing a fan, or a light.

Repairing faucets in kitchen, bath, and garage.

Fence building or repair.

Cleaning out gutters, or any landscape maintenance.

These are just a few things a handyman in Longmont can do.