Pay n Play Casino – New Popular iGaming Concept

Pay n Play has been one of the greatest inventions in the iGaming industry. Rather than bothering new members with annoying KYC procedures, operators verify them in the background. That's precisely what makes the concept of depositing and playing without registration so attractive. We have Trustly to thank for this unique feature as the payment method made it available to players from several European countries. If you are intrigued and want to learn more, this article will teach you all there is to know.

What Are Pay N Play Casinos?

Pay n Play Casinos are revolutionary in the world of iGaming. They are unique in utilizing three functions as one: deposits, KYC, and withdrawals. Trustly, a fintech from Sweden, makes it all possible. In 2008, Trustly introduced its extension named Pay N Play, and it's having notable success among the online casinos.

Let's dive deeper into the concept. Typically, casino players must visit the platform, complete the registration process, and then make a deposit. Depending on the gambling site, they may be asked to immediately or before their first withdrawal to verify their identity. This is yet another annoying procedure that takes time, scanning documents, and whatnot.

Well, the PayNPlay feature by Trustly enables consumers to skip most of these steps. How? Well, newbies just make a payment via Trustly, and the service does everything else in the background. There's no need to sign up or verify anything. Trustly uses all your online banking data to complete these processes for you.

It sounds awesome because it is!

Is Trustly Available in All Countries?

Trustly works well in some of the EU countries already. For example, Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Estonia have already implemented it.

The disadvantage of this payment method is that, even though it's really convenient and great, it is not available everywhere yet. Only players from a handful of countries can use it. Other EU countries, including the UK and Australia, still do not have access to this revolutionary feature.

Moreover, to use it, players need an Internet banking account. Otherwise, they won't be able to use Trustly and, consequently, Pay N Play won't be an option.

Benefits of Playing at Pay n Play Casino Sites

The quick rise to the popularity of the Pay N Play concept isn't something unexpected. In fact, the feature comes with a long list of benefits for players. Below, we listed some of the most important ones.

  • Getting started is easier. You don't need to submit any documents to complete the process of verification.
  • There are no fees.
  • Your personal data is 100% secure.
  • No passwords and usernames. Your identity is confirmed the moment you process the deposit from your bank account. The system will recognize you every time to come back to play there.
  • Withdrawing your winnings is quick. The money you win is at your disposal 5 minutes after you're done with playing.
  • Bottom Line

    Just when we thought the iGaming industry can't blow our minds yet again, Trustly came up with the impressive Pay N Play concept. It really is a revolutionary way to play your favorite online casino games without all the registration hassles. We really hope to see its expansion anytime soon as players from other countries deserve to experience its convenience, as well.